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I decided writing the free article to add a few sample California pictures, outdoor photography nature photos for people visiting the online nature photographers photo tips. A couple of scenic photos of Snow Plant (Sarcodes Sanguinea). I was doing photography, recreation hiking pictures of Sequoia National Park. Going along the scenic outdoor area nature trail hiking across some pine tree grove locations, I caught view of the strong red color snow plant (pictures below). The scenic images are close-up nature scenes photos of mountain hiking.

Stock photo of the red snow plant Sarcodes Sanguinea, a forest floor picture of Kings Canyon National Park Cedar Grove.

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close-up snowplant no reflector or diffuse panels no details, too much contrast outside
Photo of plants nature location along trail.

image of red plant's direct sun using reflector look how the light is bringing in background detail, better get out the powerful little reflector cards
Nature gallery image Snow Plant, direct sun with reflector.

close-up picture working with cards. Scene works because I managed the light down for detail
Stock image Snow Plant, diffuse panel only in this close-up.

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