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California pictures of parks California USA Giant Sequoia tree. Pictures of Sequoia National Park, California. Scenery pictures of tree forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, stock photos Giant Sequoia of California.

Giant Forest, a glorious place on earth to tell a story in pictures of the king of trees, Giant Sequoia tree. Pictures of California forest scenery, Sequoia tree pictures, fine art prints of Sequoia National Park. People of the past attempted to destroy these stately fellows of royalty. Big tree Giant Sequoia Redwoods survive in federally protected national forests and parks. It must have been remarkable to watch our early pioneers cutting timber to transport huge cut Giant tree trunks down a mountain side and over mountains on a narrow twisting curving road. Just to find Sequoia tree red wood is not wood suited for building lumber or commercial industry production use. Had organized people not intervened (the original Sierra Club) we may not have seen the evergreen forest of Sequoia Redwood trees.

The enormous Giant Sequoia tree towers high above ALL on conifer forest floor, natural beauty, stature, very elegant. Most unusual tree species, gigantic in size, deep red wood colorful tree, tiny size of cones, seeds, seedling they produce. Stock photo of Sequoia cone lying on the trunk of a fallen Sequoia tree on Giant Forest floor (photo below). This Giant Sequoia cone photo is spring season. Winter snow of High Sierra is a mountain visitor in a Giant Forest picture of Sequoia National Park in spring. An old growth forest, Giant Forest, a Redwood forest in Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

I have tree photos of Giant Forest, Giant Sequoia tree pictures. I visited Sequoia National Park forests at 6 months old and travel to visit the Redwood forest for tree pictures, pine tree forest pictures of Sequoia National Park. Stock photos pine tree forest. California tree photos show peace and tranquility, images of Sequoia, worlds biggest tree, Giant Sequoia tree photos of Sequoia National Park.

Giant Forest pictures don't show the true size of the magnificent old growth forest trees. I will place online California Sequoia tree photos, forest photos, tourist's in Redwood forest. Tree photos with people show size and scale. It is massive, tall and round, Giant Sequoia tree.

Giant Forest, people looking up at Giant Sequoia tree,  Sequoia National Park, California, spring

These are big Sequoia tree photos, Sequoia National Park stock photographs, pictures of Giant Forest. Photos of Sequoia Redwoods, forest scenes pictures. California scenery photos and California scenes pictures in national parks. California park's Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Forest. Photos of Giant Forest trees and parts (pine cones, needles, hoar frost). We add to the park collection new photos. Stock photos of natural scenery, stock photos of forest trees, nature pictures and prints of natural landscapes in California. View along forest nature in four seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter landscapes, landscape photos in California parks.

The Sequoia National Park tree photos are Giant Sequoia tree and not coastal Redwood trees of Northern California parks. California coast Redwood trees, California's state tree are taller timber soaring mountain high in the sky. The Giant Sequoia tree trunk is thicker, wider, very stout, strong. Red wood Giant Sequoia tree grows at only this altitude, growing belt. This is why you see groups, stands or groves of the Giant Sequoia, they have a specific natural habitat, Sequoia National Park.

Giant Sequoia groves are found only on the Western slope of the Central and Southern Region Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Part of an extensive old growth ecosystem that includes coverage of the surrounding Sierra conifer forests.

There is forest Giant Sequoia tree groves in Sequoia National Park's Mineral King Valley area by Atwell Mills and Mineral King hikes to Hockett Meadow. At California scenic areas for Sequoia tree photos, Giant Sequoias grow at a little lower altitude. There is also Muir Grove, Giant Sequoia grove of Sequoia trees near Dorst Campground and the same altitude 6700' as Giant Forest. California's Yosemite National Park has Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia tree. Giant Sequoia Tree: Sequoiadendron giganteum stock photo Sequoia National Park, California.

Landscape photos, national park photos travel pictures of Sequoia tree snow photos of national parks. Sequoia photos of rivers, Kaweah River photos, Sequoia tree landscape pictures. California stock photos national park photographic prints of California pictures, Sequoia National Park photos.

We made Sequoia National Park pine tree forest pictures of flowering Dogwood trees in landscapes summer. A Giant Sequoia tree fell, falling down. Does a lone tree make a show when it falls in a forest? California Redwoods do! Breaking branches off Pine forest trees, slamming down in a dirt field with powerful force, trunk pounding land one time. Sequoia Park visitors in Crescent Meadow forest scenes trail hiking were yelling "Did you see that!" I asked at Lodgepole Visitor Center and they knew one of the big Redwoods had fallen but were unaware people saw it in motion. Park location was along a recreation trail past Hale Tharp's Log cabin, path east of the meadows. To bad I don't have moving pictures of the Giant Sequoia tree falling action in California. We have images of light through Sequoia forest, photos of Giant Sequoia trees, Redwood tree photos. Adding new Sequoia pictures to Sequoia National Park stock photos along with California tourism industry photos.

Travel on the scenic forest road through Sequoia is seasonal (snow, ice winter). Generals Highway (California Highway 198) is a scenic road through conifer forests of Sequoia National Forest to Kings Canyon National Park. The National Park Service must restore and preserve the Giant Forest Village area to its original wilderness state. The National Park Service (NPS) has very good hospitality in this scenic Western US North America park, Sequoia National Park, California United States of America USA! Sequoia National Park natural history museum is open for visitors to view Tulare County California historical sites.

Generals Highway is a scenic drive through trees of Giant Forest for photos of Redwood forest of Giant Sequoia trees. Photograph Giant Forest scenery and views, California nature pictures including Redwood forest photos. Giant Forest has nice boulders and granite rocks for Sequoia National Park photographs in California's landscape. View trees in towering lines along forest winding roads in nature to photograph Crescent Meadow. Giant Forest has California wildflower fields for pictures, Sequoia wildflower photos, wildflowers blooming, plants. Stock photos of Sequoia tree. Big Sequoia trees fall because of a shallow root system, why this tall tree falls.

You find Dogwood trees, White Fir tree, Ponderosa Pine and Sugar Pine tree (pine cones 22") in this California region, Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain mixed conifer forest. Scenic destination Auto Log is along the forest road to Crescent Meadow and Moro Rock. People park a car on top of a Sequoia log for a photo and view through forest of Sequoia. Moro Rock dome with north scenic views over Kaweah River Canyon and Great Western Divide panoramic view is up Crescent Meadow Road fall. Parker Group Sequoia trees, Tunnel Log view line the twisting mountain roads for Sequoia National Park photos. Transportation pictures and California photos of Sequoia National Park forest floor. In spring pictures, Dogwood trees are blooming for pictures. Tree flowers (Dogwood), flowering plants, fall ferns, forest prints pictures of Sequoia National Park flowers, trees, natural plant life with fresh growth line the scenic green nature trails.

Hiking trails pass under large pine trees in green forest light for images through fields of flowers. California's High Sierra Trail goes into the forest of Crescent Meadow for park photography and scenic photos. Backpack, make pictures of Mt. Whitney (Mount Whitney picture is Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park NP US boundary) high country from High Sierra Trail in Crescent Meadow.

The autumn forest is covered in fall foliage, trees in autumn colors of Giant Forest and Kings Canyon pictures of Grant Grove forest. Photos of Sequoia Park where the forest road goes through trees (view print Sequoia stock photo). Professional photos of Sequoia National Park. Stock photos of Sequoia California. Stock photo of Sequoia tree cone below. Big tree, little cone seeds for planting in soil.

California park pictures view over Pacific Dogwood tree blooming spring
Generals Highway road in Sequoia forest pictures. Dogwood tree
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Morning Four Guardsmen, fall color image light through fog flowing in trees
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