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Moro Rock, Photos of Sequoia Park

Moro Rock pictures, Sequoia National Park, photos
Moro Rock photos, Sequoia National Park. Photography
of Southern Sierra California.

Photo of Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park stock photo. Moro Rock, photos of a beautiful granite dome rock formation of the side of Giant Forest. Fog, clouds and scenic mountain images from great sites for California photography of sunrise as clouds and fog open the view of mountains. Sequoia National Park sunrise mountain stock photo, landscape photos of California. Landscape photography of Sequoia National Park, California stock photography.

Sequoia National Park scenic view shows Alta Peak capped with snow as morning light falls to snow on top California's Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The Alta Peak in fog, clouds. Castle Rocks ridge skyline is to the right (east) of this Sequoia stock photo. Mountain scenes get foggy in morning photography with a fog bank in this mountain photo. I was driving my car up the mountain road through fog and could barely drive Sequoia National Park's foggy winding Generals Highway.

Moro Rock is a huge granite dome. You see Giant Sequoia trees in Giant Forest by Crescent Meadow. Giant Sequoia trees are a couple hundred feet tall. Moro Rock is a gigantic granite dome rock formation, which is normal for the western slope of California Sierra Nevada Mountains. Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, a massive granite dome. In our stock photo list we have North Dome pictures Kings Canyon National Park Cedar Grove stock photos. Sequoia National Forest has glacier carved canyon wall rock formations, part of Western US National Parks and Pacific Coast mountains in California state.

This scenic photography stock photo of Sequoia National Park scenery is near Giant Forest. Photography of Kaweah River Canyon down to Ash Mountain foothills and Three Rivers, California off to right (south 180).

The steep 5000' hillside climb view Valley Oak trees, California Sycamore trees, Black Oak trees covered in lichen. Oak woodland foothills with color rocks in green grass, chaparral is almost over at Amphitheater Point, scenic and grand vistas. California views for stock photos of sunset, Sequoia National Park. Photographers can do Sequoia photography from California State Highway 198 or any national park roads.

Sequoia National Park NP National Park Service has parking areas and trails for Sequoia nature photography. California national park photos of the natural world in California USA. Sequoia National Park Giant Sequoia grove pictures of pine tree forest, photos of Giant Forest. National park photography of Sequoia forest scenes are along park roads.

Kings Canyon National Park photography. Spring park road picture of road through trees of Sequoia National Forest to the other side (northern) of Sequoia National Park.

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Photography in Sequoia National Park:
Mineral King Valley California stock photography of Sequoia National Park. Gallery pictures of national parks of California.

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Pictures of Sequoia Foothills

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